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Legal consequences of marriage

The are chances that two individuals might create the economic incidents of marriage by implementing appropriate contracts or settlements. In some legal systems, an agreement in the conventional form is the main part of the constitution of the marriage. As in Islamic law, this contract can be more complex, because of the variety of the clauses. In most countries today, however, the legal document of marriage is primarily the registration of the event. Marriage in the legal sense is the implied creation of certain rights or obligations such as maintenance, marital property and inheritance rights, and custody of minor children. If you want to know about the investor immigration usa and immigration lawyer houston tx, you can visit abogados de inmigracion en texas.

The people involved in the marriage can generally create the economic incidents of the marriage by a separate agreement in the modern system. There is a small choice as the economic incidents of marriage because they are fixed by the custom in some of the past legal systems and present legal systems in which the customary family law is connected.

In legal systems that allow ample scope for individual liberty, spouses can take their place as the economic basis of their family group through a marriage contract or will. The one thing which makes a marriage differentiating from a simple contract is that, in many countries, the parties are not allowed to release themselves by mutual agreement.

But few laws in North America and Western Europe come close to allowing this; The grounds for divorce have become so detailed that a marriage can be terminated, for example, after a certain time of separation (see below Divorce).


It is an almost universal rule that the primary duty of a natural or adoptive parent is to provide for their minor children. The upbringing and care of a child depend on its biological automatically, in the majority of the cases, without regard to their suitability or qualification. There is no doubt that this system was originally due to its convenience and lack of alternatives, although examples can be found of groups raising their children equally (usually in tribal societies). On the basis of religious grounds, the parental system has also been justified.


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